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Hi my name is Bradford, and I created BMSBlog as a resource that contains information about durable medical equipment rented and/or bought from Bradford Medical Supply. BMS Blog contains relevant information and perspectives on common experiences renting or purchasing durable medical equipment products.

BMSBlog.com contains relevant Durable Medical Equipment (DME) product information and insight that will help you chose the right equipment for your needs. When you call BMS, Bradford will ask the right questions, determine your requirements, and then provide a recommendation that helps chose the right equipment that satisfies all those requirements. My recommendations are intended to be prudent, professional and focused on providing exactly what, where and when it is required.

FAQ's for durable medical equipment (DME) rentals and purchases:

Used Hospital Bed

Hospital Beds


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Used Hospital Bed

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Luxury Bed Mattresses Only

Luxury Mattress

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Standing Trapeze

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Hoyer or Patient Lifts

Knee Walkers

Knee Walkers

 Electric Scooter

Electric Scooters

Transport Chair

Transfer Chairs

Wheelchair Access Ramp

Access Ramps

Wheelchair Rental

Wheel Chairs

 Lift Chair/Recliner

Zero G Lift Chairs

 Mobility Chair

Mobility Scooters

Bariatric Hospital Beds

Pressure Prevention

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