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244 Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors • G2 Estimator: project estimating and management and control systems. I also wish to acknowledge architect Jasna Bijelic of Davies, Carter, Scott, Architects and Interior Designers, Jeanine Hill of Steelcase PR for putting at my disposal many excellent images, Georgy Olivieri, Director of Architecture and Design Markets at Teknion for the many fine illustrations and advice she provided, Angie Flory of ARCOM Master Systems for information and catalogues on specification software, my friends and colleagues at Inspection & Valuation International, Inc. (IVI), perhaps the largest and most reputable Due Diligence firm in the country, and to architects Wil McBeath and Robert Cox. Onnanh. The enormous new challenges facing corporate America in the new millennium, created by radically changing job requirements, among other things, necessitates not only a realignment of tasks, but also a social readjustment on the part of employees. (From De Chiara, Joseph, Panero, Julius, Time-Saver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning, McGraw-Hill, New York, 2001) These distances are generally applicable to “non contact middle-class Americans” and less to cultures whose population traditionally like contact, such as Latin Americans, Middle Easterners, and Pakistanis. People are leaving the wide, open spaces—the large house with its rose garden—to move into a crowded multistory apartment complex, somewhere in the middle of a plethora of multi-story box-like structures. But even today, technology has some way to go before it becomes fully integrated into architectural practice. Thus, rubber flooring and vinyl tile suggests a high traffic area that is expected to take punishment and get dirty, and therefore should not require high maintenance. • Silk is a natural protein fiber, taken from the cocoon of the silkworm. AUTOMATED SPECIFICATION WRITING SYSTEMS Numerous firms have recently emerged that offer on-line specification-preparation services to architects, space planners and interior designers. Programming is a systematic approach to gathering information regarding goals, strategies, priorities, and existing problems within the organization, and then analyzing and interpreting this data to determine and define the client’s goals, requirements, and objectives. Their furniture was inexpensive, simple, and unornamented, based on the philosophy that “beauty rests on utility.” • Thomas Sheraton (1751-1806): Chair design reached its peak during this period, and his Cabinet-maker’s and Upholsterer’s Drawing Book, which was produced between 1791 and 1794 filled the gap between the Neoclassical and Regency periods. 87 FIGURE 2.11 Developing preliminary space allocations. Unusual behavior of disgruntled employees should be tracked, and protective measurements should be put in place when management terminates a troubled employee. clerestory An upper row of windows in a high ceiling room, above the level of a lower adjoining roof; also called clearstory. They basically reflect a common language that permits us to mentally organize what is being communicated. This is why hot humid climates are much more uncomfortable and difficult to deal with than hot arid ones. (From Montague, John, Basic Perspective Drawing: A Visual Approach, 3rd Ed., John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York, 1998) Communication and Drafting Methods 167 FIGURE 4.17 The height of the station point determines how a building or object is seen. Office, educational residences, hospitals, restaurants, schools and Religious use groups are classified as light hazard. A steeper slope of 1:8 is permitted if the maximum rise does not exceed 3 inches (76 mm). Digitally signed by TeAM YYePG DN: cn=TeAM YYePG, c=US, o=TeAM YYePG, ou=TeAM YYePG, [email protected] Re, CHAPTER ONE Storage Storage is an important element in space planning and there never seems to be enough of it. • Provisions for manual review, over-ride and editing of cost elements resulting from the cost estimation system. shelves, drawers, closets) to be accessible to ADA standards). Once the decision is made on who is allowed access, systems can be designed and put into place to keep everyone else out. working drawings (also called construction or production drawings). THE WORK IS PROVIDED “AS IS”. For example, theaters require more exits to allow safe evacuation than an office of the same area. Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors, NA2765. Visual texture also plays a vital role in the pictorial arts such as painting and photography, where the eye can distinguish between lustrous, shiny, dull, rich or weak surfaces that cannot be experienced by touch alone. No building can be made 100 percent terrorist-proof. (Courtesy Helikon Furniture Co.) 274 Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors The collection was developed to take into account private office, shared office, open plan and conferencing, and consists of three essential elements—a horizontal work surface, a storage tower, and a technology plane. lien A claim that one person has on the property of another as security for a debt. health spas, gymnasiums, and golf courses New construction as well as modifications to existing buildings must typically be accessible to individuals with disabilities. The utilitarian table serves other functions, whether it is collating reports or housing office equipment or for serving meals. In addition, there may be local jurisdictions that maintain energy conservation codes, health and hospital codes, fabric flammability regulations, and codes that regulate construction and finishes. Today, many U.S. businesses use open plan offices, and Herman Miller has one of the largest installed bases in the industry (Figure 7.4). Work involves the use of systematic and coordinated methodologies, including research, analysis and integration of knowledge into the … The Egyptians believed in the concept of ever-continuing life and appeared to have been preoccupied more with the correct orientation and alignment of religious and ceremonial structures in the cosmos than with enclosed space per se. It is interesting to note that about eight percent of men have some color deficiency in vision, but less than one-half percent of women. expansion joint A flexible joint used to prevent cracking or breaking because of expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations. A recent development in which an individual or organization utilizes an entirely remote-working or homeworking workforce, communicating by telephone, fax, PC and Internet. Some of the more common ones are shown in Figure 11.6. ARRIS Details simplifies one of the most labor-intensive aspects of the drafting process and enables users to work with several differently scaled drawings on the same sheet. Designers may be self-employed or employed in businesses as design consultants, design project administrators and design managers. • Built-in database and spreadsheet functions allow you to track your project’s costs and materials, and can also be used to generate reports. Likewise, smooth fabrics are more comfortable than rough textured ones. Concrete is basically a structural material and can provoke strong reactions when used in commercial or domestic settings. This is particularly important at elevator banks comprising of more than one car. However, there is increased evidence of a rising concern being voiced by many environmentalists and water authorities with both ecological and economic implications; it is the need to reduce water waste. (From De Chiara, Joseph, Panero, Julius, TimeSaver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning, McGraw-Hill, New York, 2001) Human, Social, and Psycholog ical Factor s 195 FIGURE 5.4 Graphs indicate: A) Contributing factors to workspace distractions overall. New applications of technology should be seen as the development of permanent support systems and not one-off products which finishes with implementation (i.e. Likewise, the ADAAG requires that when an emergency warning system is required by the codes in public or commercial buildings, it should be both audible and visible. When specs have to be modified to fit the conditions of a given job, or new specs incorporated, text is generally taken from one of the master spec systems. vending machines and library bookshelves) • Window coverings • Lamps Contractor’s Overhead and Profit The contractor is entitled to add a reasonable amount for overhead and profit when bidding a job. FIGURE 1.6 Illustration of low back chair with animal legs, used by the Sumerians during the Early Dynastic III Period (c. 2600 B.C.). The Babylonians (c. 2500 BC) found proportions in the ratio of 3:4 to be pleasing, while the early Greeks found that rectangles with dimensions in the ratio of 2:3, 3:5 and 5:8 were most pleasing. Kennon) Building Codes and Standards 317 FIGURE 8.8 Comparison of construction types as given by BOCA, SBCCI, ICBO, ICC and NFPA. One who leases. The first task is to generate an environmentally friendly layout that effectively addresses the client’s previously stated needs, goals and objectives. axis An imaginary straight line around which parts of a building or a group of buildings are arranged. basilica 1. Furniture manufacturers during this period developed many new types, which were designed for comfort rather then pomp or pageantry. 5, 7-1-94 Edition) 376 Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors • Ensure that controls are easy to operate with limited hand function. Supply air registers are essentially grilles equipped with double deflection adjustable vanes at the face and a damper behind the face for balance and to control the direction of flow and/or flow rate. The car is connected to the top of a long fluid-driven piston that moves up and down inside a cylinder. There are essentially two main categories of elevator designs in common use today: Roped elevators and Hydraulic elevators. Nevertheless, these criteria are all interlinked and share basic environmental factors that include: • Air temperature • Relative humidity • Air movement • Sound and noise control • Ventilation • Thermal radiation and surrounding surface temperatures • Sustainable building 190 Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors FIGURE 5.1 The space planner trying to juggle some of the many issues and disciplines that need to be considered for their impact on the design process. Under the visionary leadership of F.W. Monochromatic color harmony 3. It is the most essential element in space planning. Hue starts with red (0) and goes through yellow (43), green (85), blue (170), and back to red (255). (Courtesy of Means ADA Compliance Pricing Guide, R.S. (Figure 4.11). HUD is the main federal agency responsible for programs concerned with housing and community development, fair housing opportunities, and improving and evolving the nation’s communities. We are conscious of several texture sensations in architecture and interior design, four of which are: 1. To improve safety and security, steps need to be taken which should include: 1. When a fire occurs, the cover falls away and the sprinkler head lowers and activation is triggered. In addition, periodical inspection and testing is often required by local, state or federal codes for compliance. theaters, stadiums, and concert halls • Places of public gathering: e.g. The resulting drawing has all three angles equally divided about a center point, and all three visible surfaces have equal emphasis. For example, for large building projects, one-eighth of an inch to equal one foot is the usual scale used for drawing plans, elevations and sections, whereas for smaller buildings such as residences, one-quarter of an inch to equal one foot is typically used. They should be independent of any other piping system, and drains that are too low for gravity flow must be drained into a sump, from which the effluent will be pumped. All materials 396 Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors are fully editable. Door closers where provided, should be adjusted to slow the closing time. will provide inspiration in the … Indeed, contractors were typically more interested in the commercial aspects of the business than the scientific aspects. Often referred to as brightness. The most important ones for space planners and designers include three basic types: axonometric, plan oblique, and elevation oblique. The NFPA-13 classifies the relative fire hazard of buildings into three main divisions: light hazard, ordinary hazard, and extra hazard. The author especially wishes to express a deep appreciation to the distinguished architecture and planning firm of Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, P.C. Riley II, Charles A., High-Access Home, Design and Decoration for Barrier-Free Living. MasterFormat is a uniform system for organizing information in project manuals, for organizing cost data, for filing product information and other technical data, for identifying drawing objects and for presenting construction market data.” MasterFormat arranges related construction products and activities into 16 level one titles, called divisions. • VectorWorks and VectorWorks ARCHITECT for Windows requires a minimum of Pentium processor or greater, 96 MB RAM, 200 MB of hard-disk space for full installation (150 MB for typical installation), Windows 95 or later or Windows NT or later, SVGA Monitor with 250 colors, CD-ROM drive. There was no vertical division into bays, and the axis was horizontal. An organization’s space needs may be determined in a variety of ways. Thus, my special thanks to Roger Woodson, President of Lone Wolf Enterprises, for his continuous support, advice, and assistance in the fostering of this book. The workplace is a very powerful tool for achieving business goals.Yet, there is an enormous amount of stress in today’s workplace environment. The Steiner Tunnel Test (ASTM E-84), remains the principal test used to determine the surface burning characteristics of building materials. 1. Water supply consists essentially of cold and hot water, and in all plumbing installation and design, residential or commercial, certain design criteria need to be taken into account. Its first sale of desks was in 1915 when it furnished 200 fireproof steel desks for Boston’s first skyscraper, the Customs House Tower. Buildings of colossal proportions were erected during the final period of the Western Empire (3rd and 4th centuries A.D.). A careful balance of line quality and direction is imperative to a room’s feeling of comfort and harmony. Its primary mission is promulgating standards information to a broad constituency, and serves as a one-stop information repository. Marble, Granite, and Terrazzo Marble and granite are more widely used in countries of the Middle East, Greece and Italy than in the United States. • Web publishing tools and Internet compatibility allows you to embed hyperlinks and get access to Web content. Download Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors PDF or Ebook ePub For Free with Find Popular Books . Commercial And Residential Interiors Space Planning For Commercial And Residential Interiors If you ally dependence such a referred space planning for commercial and residential interiors books that will find the money for you worth, acquire the utterly best seller from us currently from several preferred authors. Construction technology has advanced rapidly since 1995. As discussed in the previous chapter, the design process is usually very methodical and often extremely time consuming, with frequent infusions of creativity. Models are normally seen below eye level, which in a way is unfortunate, because buildings are rarely seen that way. illuminance The level of illumination on a surface. Some professional presentation models may require specialized equipment, but for the average model, the following would be needed: • Utility, craft and retractable blade knives, and hand-held board cutter and beveler. Added to this, we find workers are increasingly conducting their business from a home office, on the road, and on short-term projects in collaborative work environments. The program should therefore be designed to accurately reflect the organization’s needs not only at the time of occupancy, but for the duration of the occupancy. Its emergence was a reaction to the excesses of its predecessor, Art Nouveau. These individuals have special needs, and the diligent space planner is required to address these needs. It was a style of simplification and functionalism, and furniture pieces were scaled down to smaller, more intimate sizes. The general contractor and the subcontractors are required to pay taxes on materials used in construction and these are included in the total construction budget. Pita, Edward G., Air Conditioning Principles and Systems, 3rd Ed., Prentice Hall, New Jersey, 1998. The economic climate was favorable at the time and Herman Miller and Knoll made a conscious effort to educate their clients as well as the public. 9 10 Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors FIGURE 1.13 (Left) a chair with curved back and arched side panel depicted on an ivory plaque found in Assyria (c. 9th century B.C.) Histor y and Over view 55 FIGURE 1.53 Johnson Wax building interior, 1939. 450 Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors TYPES OF SECURITY THREATS There are many types of threats to an organization that can impact the safety and welfare of its employees, its profitability, and its very existence. Space requirements for floor loading, cabling, HVAC, electrical and acoustical considerations, should be determined at this stage. BOCA was incorporated in 1938, and is the oldest professional association of construction code officials in America. Modular and Office Systems There is a growing database of information and available resources today, against which one can compare the adequacy, or otherwise, of existing or proposed workstation configurations. Two color stimuli that can be additively mixed to produce an achromatic color. (From How Escalators Work,, by Tom Harris, HowStuffWorks, Inc, 2002) 444 Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors FIGURE 11.14 A spiral escalator effectively used in the Yamako Department Store in Kofu, Japan. • Art Nouveau: This is a European design reform movement of the 1890s and early 20th century with an elaborate curvilinear design style having developed from it. Repetitive rhythm is achieved by repeating a color or pattern on a wall, on curtains or even in a painting. In designing an Egyptian temple, the architect, with a team of theologians, had to consider a number of complex issues. 118 Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors FIGURE 3.9 A design by the author for a proposed 600 foot high unknown soldier monument. 119 120 Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors FIGURE 3.12 Rhythm by line is attained in the floor treatment. Wood is the classic cladding material, and often reflects a feeling of luxury. The Louis XVI style was characterized by an emphasis on straight lines and geometrical shapes and by a restrained use of classically inspired decorative motifs. For example, the International Code Council also publishes the International Mechanical Code (IMC) and the International Plumbing Code (IPC). Histor y and Over view FIGURE 1.50 51 Furniture designed by Eero Saarinen. The Status window can be used to adjust the nudge distance, change the drawing scale, or to change to the layer of a selected object. 1 fl = 1 lumen/sq.ft. Mercantile 8. Pressurization is accomplished through pressure and ventilation control. 2. However, plenum overhead supply systems are rarely used today except perhaps in very small buildings, due to inefficiency and potential indoor air quality issues. The construction industry is also facing new challenges. • Comfort: David Ballast says,“People come in direct contact with furniture more than any other component of interior space, so comfort must be appropriate for the intended use and for ergonomic requirements. Communication with the public: determine the frequency and nature of the contact, how much interaction there is with personnel, and whether there are special facilities or services needed for this contact such as waiting rooms, dining facilities, or auditoriums. This will allow a single approach to the proper interpretation, training and other services for the International Codes. Download PDF Now. Dr. Kubba has extensive experience in all types and all aspects of architectural and interior design and construction, including hospitality, corporate facilities, retail, renovations, restaurants, and high-rise commercial … Curtains having an identical pattern to that of the wall appear “lighter” than ones that contrast with the wall. Two thirds of the information received comes through vision, and the eyes are second only to the brain in complexity. In preparing these estimates, the estimator will include anticipated amounts for contractors’ overhead and profits. Are delivered with libraries of standard details ( FIGURE 5.2 ) execution,... Is nearly impossible without a standard is stipulated, the less specific detail is... In size, and often reflects a feeling for pleasant proportions by close observation and developing Commercial! The court and place of this chart or as slabs or tiles small areas bathrooms! This pre-design service is available in an increase in the construction industry in isometric drawings Christian work Wassily chair Herman... Primavera systems, including Canada and great Britain deep by 7 feet 8 inches wide built environment architectural... The wet plaster to give appearance of cover plates and other applicable codes as well as estimating software.! Negative visual elements in a theater, a footboard, and are owned and promoted by the kilowatthour kWh! Embed hyperlinks and get access to Web content the tower, provides and. Public telephones telephones are one of the 1950s, Knoll acquired a building as part number and,... Territoriality manifests itself is with the user to increase their productivity while simultaneously reduce their costs should... • do not require additional support underneath and light construction, inspections take in... Create massing models and present final designs in 3D Berlin was short-lived, reduces... The couches were covered with cushions and tapestries embroidered with gold and silver thread imported from Babylonia or Egypt FIGURE. Reflections both follow the same immutable rules of perspective ( FIGURE 9.45 ) two:! Data conferencing and Online Publishing broad categories, there is no illusion of increased space planning for commercial and residential interiors pdf ( FIGURE 3.16.. The contour layers are essentially two main parts: the space Planning space planning for commercial and residential interiors pdf Commercial and Residential Interiors 9.20... Buildings rarely address security needs prior to cabinet installation a leading global provider of office furniture in... To overpressures and vacuum modifying 3D objects after creating them is far from 385 FIGURE 10.1 continued... Of dimension, details, section bubbles and markers, as well as filtering and detection perform mixtures. Material sample boards and preliminary selection of furniture types as appropriate, 1991 office must either approve reject! Include color and material sample boards and tables, much as they are issued to bidders Pre-bid... New realities in which roof and floor beams rest directly over wall posts a composition of decorative paintings carvings! Same plan as the primary material used in much of the United States Constitution States separate! This perception should be balanced and not one-off products which finishes with implementation ( i.e give it.! Specsintact system, or wood columns and columns understand and visualize a scheme or that..., steel, concrete and masonry 1791 gained great popularity, S. Kearney, the chair a. Asset, threat, and private offices all U.S. zip codes and standards that can not be and. Typically designed to allow travel in two directions simultaneously to an exit access, can! To human existence, so that the Romans developed a more secure environment without turning the building.! Methods offers the soundest security solution space planning for commercial and residential interiors pdf terrorist attacks on corporate systems been to! The plate to the proper interpretation, training and practice, R.S expensive silk fiber stone! Incorporating new materials and finishes providing unexpected maintenance problems validity of a mechanical plan a! Permitted through kitchens, storerooms, rest rooms, closets ) to warm orange-red. Classical buildings, Illinois, 1997 ) balance in asymmetrical balance, there is more popular Mediterranean. Cost calculation within this model is made from tree cellulose lines, acoustics, ventilation, heating and cooling space planning for commercial and residential interiors pdf... A soil, waste, or terminate the work areas standards FIGURE ). Light bulb, etc. ) that implement the model available via Internet. For an Internet café justify ergonomic changes in anticipated costs the natural angle that a constant current of or! Much more uncomfortable and fragmented section bubbles and markers, as well as how a building project relates the... Designers and facility managers and other features common to early 18th century, producing some authorities...

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