Transport or Transfer Chair

Transport or Transfer Chair Description

These chairs are often used as ‘transfer chairs’ to move a patient when a better alternative is unavailable, as a temporary option, or in areas where a user’s standard chair is unavailable. A "transfer or transport chair" is technically a manual wheelchair designed to be pushed by someone else other than the person in the transfer chair. These chairs are commonly seen in airports and hospitals. Transport Chairs:

  • are designed to be propelled by another person using the handles
  • can be equipped with elevated leg lifts
  • have 4 small wheel instead the large and 2 small wheels of a wheelchair
  • are considerably lighter (12 to 25 lbs) and easier to carry and transport with the patient.
  • Transfer chairs can weigh as little as 12 lbs and as much as 45 lbs depending upon the type of material used for the frame and the cloth for the chair. Nowadays some frames weigh under five pounds. They easy to maneuver and store easily in most environments. BMS recommend transfer chairs for elderly clients routinely.

    Standard Transfer or Transport Chair Rental

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    Bradford Medical Supply Wheelchair and Transport Chairs Rental & Sales Criteria

    Bradford Medical Supply has developed criteria and accumulated experience recommending the correct wheelchair for your needs. Wheelchairs come in all shapes and sizes, can be customized for specific purposes and applications and allows an individual to move themselves or be pushed by another person. A transport or transfer chair must be pushed by another person. Because of the aforementioned reasons BMS does not usually recommend standard wheelchairs for elderly clients. Over time I have developed criteria when to recommend either of the two units. BMS rents and sell the following types of wheelchairs:

    Standard or manual wheelchairs are recommended for a person that:

  • Wants to get around by themselves
  • Has a caregiver that is able to lift and/or store the wheelchair for the that person.
  • They can be difficult to maneuver and don’t store easily in a car unless it is disability friendly.
  • A transport chair is the recommended choice for a person:

  • Who is unable to get around by themselves by propelling handrails on a standard wheelchair
  • Has a caregiver that is able to push the transfer chair.
  • Has a caregiver that is able to lift and/or store the wheelchair for the that person.
  • Wheelchair and Transfer Chair Manufacturers

  • Nova Ortho
  • Everest Jennings
  • Invacare
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