Wheelchair Access Ramps – Summary

There are several types of wheelchair access ramps that BMS rents and sells. These units all have an 800 lbs capacity. Each type of ramp has been designed to accommodate client’s needs. BMS has accumulated experience renting this type of equipment for some time. BMS has developed general criteria to know what to recommend for a customers specific needs.

  • Folding Ramps (2″ to 10″)
  • Threshold Ramps (1″ to 6″)
  • Pathway Ramps (up to 10′)
  • Folding Ramps (2″ to 10″)

    Suitcase – Signature Series (2′ to 8′)

    Are available in 2′ – 8′ lengths. This ultra-strong, single-fold ramp provides the safety and strength required while remaining lightweight and portable. The smooth and quiet action of the living hinge, a continuous full length low profile hinge, adds strength and stability to the ramp. Features an extruded nonskid tread for superior traction, and a self-adjusting bottom transition plate for easy conversion from ramp to ground. Welded construction provides long-term durability and safety.

    Suitcase - Signature Series (2' to 8')

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    Trifold – Advantage Series (5′ to 10′)

    To use, simply unfold the hinged ramp and position accordingly for maximum safety and support. Its single-fold design sets up quickly and folds in half lengthwise to be carried like a suitcase when not in use.

    Suitcase - Advantage Series (2' to 6')

    Click this link to BUY a Folding Ramp
    Click this link to RENT a BUY a Folding Ramp

    Suitcase – Advantage Series (2′ to 6′)

    Are available in 2′ – 6′ lengths. Advantage Series ramp, with its single fold design, offers a simple and convenient solution for wheelchairs and scooters to access steps, vehicles, and raised landings with ease. This ultra-strong ramp provides the safety and strength required while remaining light and portable.

    Suitcase - Advantage Series (2' to 6')

    Click this link to BUY a Folding Ramp
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    Threshold Ramps (1″ to 6″)

    Rubber Threshold Ramps

    Are available in 1″ to 6″ heights. Simply place against the door threshold (inside or outside) to provide a smooth ground-to-sill transition. Standard width is 48" (for wider entrances, place 2 ramps side-by-side). Ramp can easily be trimmed for lower heights and widths, or combined to reach greater heights. EZ-ACCESS Rubber Threshold ramps are slip-resistant and designed for years of continued use. Made of 100% recycled tires.

    Rubber Threshold Ramps

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    Aluminum Threshold Ramps

    Available in 1", 1".5", 2", 3", 4", 5", & 6" heights. The EZ-ACCESS Threshold ramp is a lightweight yet durable freestanding modular ramp designed for doorways, sliding glass doors, and raised landings. This seam-free ramp is 34″ wide and easily accommodates thresholds from ¾” to 6″ high. Ideal for use with wheelchairs, walkers, and cane users. Made of anodized aluminum and is intended for indoor or outdoor use.

    Aluminum Threshold Ramps

    Click this link to BUY an Aluminum Threshshold Ramp
    Click this link to RENT an Aluminum Threshshold Ramp

    Pathway Ramps (up to 10′)

    Featuring a seamless nonskid driving surface, the PATHWAY ramp is a safe, secure and ideal for scooters, walkers wheelchairs, canes, and crutches. Heavy duty and extra wide, this 36" ramp features an 850-pound weight capacity and easily accommodates wider chairs. Extruded aluminum handrails (optional) give a clean and modern appearance that will coordinate with any home. This lightweight ramp is ideal for temporary or semi-permanent home access.Additional widths and lengths available.

    Pathway Ramps (up to 10')

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